Personalized Care and Physical Therapy

Battling back from an injury, and avoiding new injuries, can be difficult and confusing. For plenty of people, physical therapy feels like you’re taking two steps back, rather than moving forward. Since 2004, Integra has taken the right steps with clients of all ages and abilities Every day, we work with a wide range of people, from those taking their first steps toward physical recovery, to others who are ready to return to the game. It’s our pleasure to help you get back on track—no matter what track you’re on. We’re doctors and career health professionals Our physical therapy team uses current scientific research, and applies clinical and technical expertise, toward helping you achieve your physical therapy and rehabilitation goals safely and efficiently. Get more out of physical therapy with evidence-based techniques

Evidence-based care is the core of our conditioning philosophy.

  • Using clinical research

    Science is constantly evolving when it comes to physical therapy, conditioning, and training. Our professionals pair traditional exercise methods with new discoveries as we stay adaptable to the ever-changing nature of recovery.

  • Pairing you with experienced health practitioners

    With Integra, physical therapy is a personalized relationship between you and our staff doctors. You won’t be working with rehab aids, or intro-level therapy technicians. We live and breathe our work, and are constantly finding new ways to bring you more.

  • Staying true to your personal values and goals

    When you’re in pain, or recovering from an injury, you don’t want any hassles or confusion. We listen to your words, and to your body. Working together, we strive for excellence in the treatment room, and with at-home exercises we prescribe.

We’re strictly dedicated to you and your rehabilitation

There’s no such thing as having “the same injury” as someone else. Every injury, like every situation, is unique. We tune in to your physical needs. A number of focus areas inform and guide our approach:

  • The circumstances that surround your injury

  • Your medical and physical history

  • Your current physical situation

  • Your recovery timeline and goals

In the end, your body has the loudest say when it comes to the methods of care we follow.

Dry needling: one of many effective approaches we use

Used to treat trigger points, or “muscle knots” within the muscle tissue, dry needling can reduce neuromuscular tone, soften muscle tension, and help facilitate recovery.

With your consent, we use dry needling to:  

  • Improve the overall movement and function of an affected area

  • Allow for more efficient muscle response

  • Lead to an improved response to therapy and exercise

Dry needling is fast-acting, but it’s not a quick fix. Using dry needling as a stand-alone remedy is short-sighted. At Integra, we use dry needling to facilitate movement, and always pair it with another form of manual therapy, exercise prescription, or one-on-one attention

You hold the key

Physical therapy is a team effort—and you’re the most important member of the squad. Think of us as your high-level movement specialists and coaches. But the desire must come from you. Find the tools, cues, and techniques to empower your recovery. Contact Integra to schedule a consultation and physical assessment. We’ll take the next step in your physical therapy with you.

We’re doctors and career health professionals

Our physical therapy team uses current scientific research, and applies clinical and technical expertise, toward helping you achieve your physical therapy and rehabilitation goals safely and efficiently.

Dr. Erik Bork

Erik is highly technical in his therapeutic approach, focusing on joint mobility and proper physical mechanics. His treatments combine strong manual therapy, exercise prescription, and a neuromuscular treatment in order to restore normal movement. He is especially keen in evaluating and treating shoulder problems.

"I emphasize strength and balance, especially when working with older adults. When we can enhance strength and balance, we decrease load and force on joints, ligaments, and afflicted tendons."

Dr. Jeremiah Weber

Jeremiah has been an essential part of our physical therapy, personal training, and athletic development teams since 2011. Since his undergraduate days, he has pursued specialized coursework and training that emphasize evidence-based spinal care and support.

As an undergrad, Jeremiah was a member of the men’s varsity hockey team and won a number of honors. He was a four-year member of the NCHA all-academic team, was nominated for NCHA scholar athlete of the year, and was a two-time recipient of the Richard G O’Brien award for outstanding work ethic.

Dr. Stephanie Smith

Stephanie has been a crucial part of the Integra physical therapy team since 2014. She has earned a Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association Award for her contributions to the profession in her first 3 years of practice and became a Board Certified Orthopaedic Specialist of physical therapy in 2016.

Stephanie uses her manual therapy interventions, dry needling techniques and overall functional exercise to help patients attain their personal goals and work towards levels even better than their previous activity.

Dr. Jessica Herrmann

Jess grew up in New Berlin and was a competitive gymnast through college. She graduated from UW-La Crosse and was an assistant coach for the gymnastics team. Jess has many specialties, but has a special interest in working with athletes, individuals with jaw and neck pain, and those looking to reduce fall-risk.

"I enjoy helping people to meet and exceed their rehabilitative goals, so that they can return to their activities of everyday life."