Customized Self-Care Solutions

We aim to guide you toward safe and effective movement, promote recovery, and improve functionality so you can lead an active, vibrant life. At Integra, we provide customized self-care solutions that cater to your lifestyle, enabling you to achieve your full potential. From physical therapy to personal training to massage services, we are health partners.

A woman is holding onto two large barbells
A person is holding onto some weight plates

Recognized Excellence

Since 2004, our evidence-based care model has guided us to put together a team of experts who offer a comprehensive mix of therapeutic massage, physical therapy services, and personal training to help you achieve your recovery and wellness goals. Our dedication to this approach has earned us the prestigious Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association (WPTA) 2016 Private Practice of the Year award.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Personalized self-care solutions tailored to your lifestyle
  • An expert team providing holistic wellness guidance
  • Convenient location in Fox Point's business district
  • Flexible physical therapy and personal training hours
  • Award-winning approach recognized by the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association
A woman is doing some exercise with dumbbells.
A person is holding their knee while another person assists.

Enhancing Physical Well-Being

Our team simplifies movements to enhance your physical well-being. We embrace the essence of southeastern Wisconsin, fostering a welcoming environment for adults, seniors, and youth. Schedule an appointment today to tour our facilities and consult with our fitness professionals.